Currently Learning / Exploring

  • Cryptocurrency, because I’m behind the curve on it and it seems like the wave of the future. Yes, I recognize this is probably an overused answer.
  • Python. I was more fluent in this in college, but am trying to pick it back up as a way to automate tasks on my iPad via Pythonista.
    • JavaScript is next up in this area.
  • Swedish, in preparation for our upcoming trip this summer.

Currently Reading

  • Rereading Never Split the Difference, as inspired by Chris’s appearance on the Farnam Street Podcast.
  • The Lessons of History by Ariel and Will Durant
  • The Theory that Would Not Die by Sharon Bertsch McGrayne

Currently Trying

  • Daily tracking with (seeing the correlations between different variables in my life is interesting, plus I love how the Belle and Josh are running their company).
  • Intermittent fasting. More of an emphasis on the “intermittent” part than I’d like…


  • Michele are in the process of building out some more storage/counter space in the kitchen—it’s stretching my painting/woodworking skillset, and more frustrating than I’d like, but it’s refreshing to work on something physical that will have a meaningful impact on our home.

Inspired by Derek Sivers. Last Updated January 11, 2018.